Affiliate FAQs

Earn money by promoting our products! It’s simple, and you can begin earning commission immediately. Please see the FAQs below for more information.

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An affiliate is someone who refers another person to visit our store. What’s exciting is that as an affiliate, you will earn a small portion of sales whenever someone you refer to the store makes a purchase!

Becoming an affiliate is easy. First, if you haven’t already, register for an account on our site by visiting login page and then choosing to “Register.” Then, all you have to do is go to your account dashboard and click “Affiliate.” Finally, on the next page, click “Become an Affiliate” and that’s it! You’ll now have an affiliate dashboard to explore.

Commission is currently set at 3.0% and applies to all items purchased by someone you refer to us within 24-hours of referral!

Referring people to the store is easy! All you need to do is post a link and the rest works like magic. The link can be to the store, or to a specific product. Here’s how. After becoming an affiliate, go to your affiliate links page and scroll down a short ways until you see “Your referral URL is.” Underneath that is your referral URL, which will redirect anyone who clicks it to our website with you as the referrer. If you’d like to generate a referral link to a specific product instead, scroll down the page until you see “Specific URL.” Paste the URL to the product in that box, click “Generate Link,” and presto! You’ll have a referral link to a specific product that you can easily share with others.

Note: generating a referral link can be done manually quite easily. Simply take any URL on the website and then add ?aff=your_user_name and that’s it!

After someone clicks on your link and is referred to the website, you will earn commission on anything they purchase for 24-hours. Compared to other sites, this is actually a very generous timeframe!

Payments are disbursed by PayPal. Make sure your PayPal email address is set correctly by visiting your affiliate payment settings page, entering your email address, and clicking “save.”

Payments are disbursed via PayPal every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, and are subject to standard PayPal fees. Note that the minimum balance for payment disbursal to you is $5.

If you earned commission on a product that is subsequently returned to us, then the commission earned on that product will be subtracted from the next referral payment.

First, sign-up is a breeze. Second, all you have to do is link to the site and you’ll passively earn money whenever someone uses your link to make a purchase. How cool is that? Third, maybe you’re already telling people about the site or a particular product anyways; why not earn money while doing it?