Seeking YouTubers, Bloggers, Reviewers, Anime Enthusiasts and TCG Players!

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for individuals to showcase our products on websites, blogs, forums, and social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! If selected, you would be a “partner” of the site with access to varying levels of discounts on new and upcoming products! We are currently looking for individuals interested in:

  • Pokemon TCG
  • Toys and Figures
  • Plushes

If you have a strong online presence and are interested in becoming a partner of Holofoiled, please follow the instructions below to apply!

How to Apply

To begin the process, you’ll want to follow these steps:

  1. Register an account with us.
  2. In your Account dashboard, click “Affiliate,” and on the next page, click “Become an Affiliate.”
  3. In your Affiliate dashboard, go to “Marketing” > “Affiliate Links” (or just go here) and generate a link to either the website itself ( or a specific product. Then, simply use this link in your videos, posts, etc. and that’s it! You can view your stats at anytime from your Affiliate dashboard by going to “Overall” > “Traffic Log” or just clicking here.
  4. Fill in the contact form below with the relevant information about you, your channel, social media account, review site, etc. and including what product(s) you’re interested in reviewing.

Note that it’s really important you become an affiliate and use generated links as it’s how we track performance, and ultimately how we assess discounts!

After Applying

After applying, we’ll get back with you in regards to whether or not your application to be a partner is approved.

  1. If approved:You will be granted a degree of product discounting, and your logo will be featured on our upcoming partners page!
  2. If not approved:that’s okay: as long as you’re an affiliate of the site and promoting our products, we will note your performance over time and when your account is ready to be a partner, we’ll reach out to you and upgrade you automatically!


Every quarter (90 days) we assess performance to determine new levels of partnership. The quarters are: Jan – Mar, Apr – Jun, Jul – Sep, Oct – Dec.

Apply Now

Ready to become a partner? Please fill out the contact form below. Make sure to include: a link to your channel, blog or website, a history and description of said channel, blog or website, and the desired type(s) of products you’d like to showcase, and we’ll get back with you after reviewing all provided information.

Thank you for your interest!