Points FAQs

Earn store points on purchases that can be redeemed at checkout for discounts! Have questions about how it all works? Read on!

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Store points are a currency you can earn on Holofoiled simply for making purchases on the website. Eligible products will say “Earn X reward points,” which means you’ll earn X points when you purchase that product. Note that the number of points earned is equal to the number of dollars spent, so if you use a coupon or receive a discount, then the points value may be lowered. You can then spend points at checkout to receive a discount at a rate of $0.01 per 1 store point used.

Earning store points is naturally very easy. First, you will need to register for an account. Then, there are multiple ways to earn:

  1. Simply purchase any item. All of our items are worth at least 1% store points.
  2. Refer a friend to our site. When they make a purchase within 24 hours of your referral, you will earn a percentage of that total back in store points! And hey, if they have an account, they’ll get that 1% store points as well!
  3. Participate in giveaways and contests that we host on Instagram (@holofoiled). They’re absolutely free, fun, and give you the chance to win cool prizes, including store points. In the future there will be more ways to earn as well.

You can use store points at checkout or in the cart to apply a discount of $0.01 per 1 point spent. In the future we’ll have more ways to spend points, like unique items only purchaseable with points.

Store points do not expire.

Currently, you can view your store points in your account dashboard. When there, simply scroll down the page and you’ll see your total points.

If you return or cancel an item, the number of points earned for that item will be cancelled or subtracted from your total points.

All points earned for an order will be added to your account automatically when the order is shipped out to you.

Help us spread the word, and we’ll help you get the merchandise you want with 5% store points on purchases that your friends (and, well, anyone!) make on our site. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, register an account with us.
  2. Second, go to your account page and scroll down slightly until you see “Referral Link.” The link itself will look something like this: https://holofoiled.com?ref={your_username} (this will be your username at the end). So, for example, https://holofoiled.com?ref=monkeydluffy.
  3. Copy and paste that link and when your friends (or anyone) clicks on it, they are taken to our site with you as the referrer. Then, if they make a purchase within 24 hours, you’ll be credited for 3% of their purchase in store points! Note that we do not include S&H or taxes when computing store points earned.
  4. If you’d like to link directly to a product, you can do that too! Simply take the link for the product you want to share, and add ?ref={your_username} at the end. So, for example, if you wanted to link people to a certain figure of Sanji (from One Piece), you could do this: https://holofoiled.com/product/banpresto-one-piece-sanji-memory-figure?ref=monkeydluffy.
  5. Please be aware: if someone you refer over to us already has an account, make sure they log out from our site first and then use your link as otherwise the system will not track the referral currently.
  6. If someone used your link and you think you weren’t credited for the referral, reach out to us at support@holofoiled.com and we’ll be happy to take a look!

This promotion will only be available for a limited time.