Pre-order FAQs

Interested in pre-ordering with us but have questions about how the process works? Read on!

Can’t find an answer to your question?¬†Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

The deadline for pre-ordering can be easily viewed via the “release countdown” on the pre-order page. For most items, the deadline for pre-ordering extends up to the release of the product. For some items, there may be a deadline for a promotional pre-order offering, but that will be advertised in the product listing.

Yes! However, be aware that if you order one or more pre-order products, your order will only ship when all pre-orders are available. Therefore, if you’d like to purchase things that are in stock now and receive them now, you should order those separately from any pre-orders.

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: We consider a pre-order to be a commitment on your end, and a commitment on our end, to fulfill the sale of a specific product. So, while we can cancel a pre-order, we ask that you give it considerable thought first.

We now have a deposit system in place that allows customers to pay 50% of the product price to reserve the product, and then pay the remaining amount when the product launches! That means no, you don’t have to pay the full product price to pre-order it. However, you can always choose to do so if you’d like.

Pre-order dates, especially if they are greater than 30 days out, should be considered tentative. While we can predict when we’ll receive most Trading Card Game (TCG) products pretty accurately, many Japanese figures and toys are given a loose release date that we have to estimate from. For instance, while we’d love to receive a solid date like 10 January 2019 for release from our distributors, sometimes all we get is January 2019. To add to that, manufacturers will sometimes delay releases as well.

The bottom-line is this: check back often, and we’ll reach out if there’s a significant delay.

All pre-order dates are considered tentative, especially for Japanese figures and toys. This is for two reasons. First, we are usually only given a tentative release date from our distributor, and usually only a month and a year. While we’d love to have a solid release date given to us like 10 January 2019, usually what we’ll get is January 2019. Great, right? Second, manufacturers will sometimes delay product releases.

Bottom-line: we’ll keep product releases up-to-date and inform customers if it’s nearing launch and there’s a delay. If you’re concerned, you can always¬†contact us.